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              80 PLUS® Gold Ready at 20% 50% 100% Rated Load               
              Excellent Stability&Voltage Regulation           
              Full Range Auto Voltage Detection Design(Active PFC)          
              Full modular/Half modular Cabling Design for Easy Cable Management                         
              Intelligent Thermal Control System                 
              Comply with ATX 12v V2.32& EPS 12v V2.92 Specification              
              Intel Haswell CPU Ready                  
              Support All Intel/AMD Multi-core CPU&ATX/BTX Compatible Motherboard         
              Support NVIDIA®SLI&ATI CrossFireX high performance Graphic Card           
              Unleaded Green Materials with RoHS/WEEE Compliance
              Perfect For Professional&High Performance Gaming System
              DC Output  +5V    +3.3V    +12V    -12V    +5Vsb
                               16A       21A      38A     0.5A      2.5A
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