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              • The Leader of Shenzhen City Visit Huike Industrial Park

              • 2012-5-3
              • In November 8 afternoon, Shenzhen Bao'an District Governor: Zhang Bei, Deputy Governor: Wang
                Lixin, Deputy Secretary of District Government:Wang Jing were accompanied by people in relevant
                department to come to Huike Industrial Park to conduct research activities.
                Huike President Mr. Wang Zhiyong accompanied Zhang Bei for the research activities in the entire
                journey, and introduced HKC's current product line and technology research strength to all the
                leaders, and said the company's future development direction and goal is to concentrate
                on products, wholeheartedly engage in research, increase productivity, improve product quality,
                develop new markets, and stride forwarder for the industry top, and the sales amount strive to
                achieve 10 billion within three years.
                Mr Zhang Bei also fully affirmed the excellent achievements in Huike 10 years development course,
                and asked in detail about the practical problems and difficulties that the company are facing at
                present. Zhang Bei said the Bao'an District Government will support these high-tech enterprises
                development like Huike, and make efforts to create a relaxed external environment for the
                development of enterprises.





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