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              Home>About HKC>History
              • 2017.03  HKCOT MP
                2017.02  The ceremony of HKCOT's panel light on
                2015  HKCOT Factory(G8.6 Line) start construction
                2014  HKC Guangxi Beihai Tech Zone Opening
                          HKC HeiFei Opening
                          HKC YiChang Opening

                2013  Register Jinyang Techonolgy Chonqqing Limited
                2012  #34 of Shenzhen TOP 100 Enterprise
                2010  HKC OWN FACTORY SET UP : Shiyan
                2009  Built up HKC OVERSEAS LIMITED

                2007  Hi-Tech Company granted by Shenzhen Government
                2006  Set up global sales branch  in India, Brazil, and Russia
                2003  Built up LCD AND TV business
                2001  Set up overseas market sales company And set up Huike (Shenzhen)Co., Ltd.

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